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225 Bloomfield St, Cleveland QLD 4163


07 3286 1221


We have a large range of hardware and accessories to suit your project from nails and screws to star pickets and painting products and everything in between. 

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Gill & Co Timber

About Our Hardware

We have a wide range of hardware products to suit any project whether it be big or small.

From nails and screws to star pickets, masonry fixings, galvanised bolts to post supports and brackets, gate hardware, door hinges, handles and tracks, we have it all!

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Our Range Of Hardware

  • Galvanised bolts
  • Masonry fixings
  • Joist hangers, Trip-l-grips etc
  • Nails – hand nails and a small range of gun nails
  • Screws – A brand new range of Bremick and Blackhawk decking screws
  • Post supports and brackets
  • Gate hardware
  • Galvanised threaded rod
  • Door hardware including hinges, handles, stops/catches, tracks
  • Drill bits and a range of basic hand tools
  • Star pickets
  • Black plastic and sisalation rolls
  • Galvanised metal stair stringers ( 1 step to 8 step)
  • Painting products including Decking stains and oils, paintbrushes, rollers etc

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri7:30am - 4pm
Sat7:30am - 11:30am


Gill & Co Timber Merchants

Visit the timber yard or call us with your requirements to receive a quote